Worldcoin Logo Animation

I designed this animation of the Worldcoin logo for fun.


This is the logo I made for the AF app concept I created. It can be drawn with just a 4x4 grid and two concentric circles.

Retro Logo

I created this logo for Retro Biosciences as a design exercise. It plays on “retro” by alluding to 80’s computers. The wordmark is pixel art, like the graphics in OG video games. The green color hearkens back to early terminals. The pixel art is tiny (like a cell) - it can be constructed with 184 pixels and the svg file size is less than 1KB.

Color wordmark for Retro BiosciencesBlack wordmark for Retro BiosciencesColor lettermark for Retro BiosciencesBlack lettermark for Retro BiosciencesAlternative color wordmark for Retro Biosciences, including the word "Biosciences"Alternative black wordmark for Retro Biosciences, including the word "Biosciences"


I designed this cartoony logo for a jiu jitsu apparel company.

Black logomark for BattleBoysWhite logomark for BattleBoysBlack wordmark for BattleBoysWhite wordmark for BattleBoysBlack combination mark for BattleBoysWhite combination mark for BattleBoys


I designed this logo for fun. I like it because each letter is perfectly horizontally and vertically symmetrical, and so is the mark as a whole.

Left-pointing arrow icon

Branding Work