Mockup of a signup page for an AI assistant mobile app


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AF is a concept for an AI assistant that you can add user-created mini apps to. I designed it and did the iOS programming. Ashutosh Narang built the backend.

A skeuomorphic focus timer set to 25 minutes with an indicator that says "Work".

Skeuomorphic Focus Timer

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I designed and built this simple focus timer React app.

Mockup of a web app for LLM-powered learning

LLM Learning Platform

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This is a concept I designed for an LLM-based learning platform that can create structured, engaging courses on virtually any topic the user wishes.

Mockup of a TikTok-like mobile app featuring a 3D avatar singing into a microphone


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I designed the first version of the Codename app while working for Itsme. It was like TikTok but with 3D avatars.

Mockup of a content section of a website

Cocoon Website

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I created the content section and comparison pages for Cocoon’s website. I designed them to fit the design language of their site and implemented them in Webflow. I also wrote all of the articles on the content section, which were based on user interviews that their UX researcher did.

Mockup of a web app for self-guided cognitive behavioral therapy

No Therapist

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No Therapist is an introduction to self-guided cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety. It was a quick project that I designed and programmed after reading a book on the topic.

Mockup of a mobile app for habit tracking


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Flames is a habit tracking app I concepted. I’ve spent a lot of time learning about how to motivate good habits via gamification, and this was my attempt at implementing those learnings.

Mockup of a focus timer mobile app


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Lightdogs was a gamified focus timer app, where users earned points by doing phone-free focus time and used the points to collect dog-like creatures. It was the first product I ever designed.