Natural Synthetics

/ Product Designer & PM
Jun '21 - jun '22

Natural Synthetics made Itsme, an avatar-based social app with millions of users. While there, I designed all new features and improvements with the CEO and PM’d many of them. I also worked closely with their 3D team, learning a lot about 3D art production. When the company pivoted, I designed the core interface and design language of the new app.


/ Web Designer
Jan - jun '21

Cocoon was a YC-backed social app for close friends and families, later aquired by Substack. I created a content section for their website to improve its SEO. That involved me rebuilding the website on Webflow, designing and implementing the content section, and writing SEO-optimized articles based on interviews done by their UX researcher.

Sapien Avatars

/ Founder
Mar - Dec '20

Sapien made a gamified fitness tracking app, building on the thesis I had developed with Lightdogs. We failed to raise money before running out of savings, so didn’t get it off the ground, but I grew a ton in the process. I designed the app, programmed the interface in SwiftUI, and did the fundraising work.

Eigen Innovations

/ Interface Designer
Jan '19 - Mar '20

Eigen makes AI-enabled quality assurance software for industrial manufacturers. While there, I redesigned their web app, created their design system, and did product design for a new web app they were building.


/ Founder
May '18 - Sep '19

Lightdogs was a gamified focus timer app I built as a solo founder. It was my first foray into product design and startups. I ran out of money shortly after launch, but the app made it to 17K organic downloads and facilitated over eleven years worth of phone-free focused time. The most important things I did were product design, managing a team of freelance developers, and fundraising.